About Us

Green Tiger & Co. is a woman-owned retail store and refillery with a focus on sustainability and goods with intention.

Our goal is to be a place of discovery and appreciation for the people, the community, and the planet.

We Believe Goods with Intention Are:

Good for you

We believe products that are good for you start with the best ingredients for your well-being. The products you use every day should provide nourishment and healing and not affected with harmful chemicals. Quality products should also be durable and bring you joy through use and reuse.

Good for Community

We believe that thoughtfully made goods should support and uplift communities. We strongly value our relationships with small business owners, the quality craft of local artisans, and the change we can impact in local communities. We have deep respect for the businesses run by women, BIPOC, veterans, and LGBTQIA+. By supporting goods that promote community and inclusion, we are celebrating our vibrant diversity.

Good for the planet

We are committed to preserving the planet. Core to our mission, we are dedicated to minimizing our footprint and bringing you brands and products that share the same ethical and environmental values. Our brands are mindful and invested in sustainability. They participate in a closed loop system, do not test on animals, practice organic and regenerative farming, and are committed to giving back.


Our logo of the green tiger, inspired by the Vietnamese folk paintings, represents an empowerment of the sustainable movement. The tiger, which represents strength and resilience, carries an olive branch, a symbol of peace and joy.

As you browse our goods online or in person, we hope you will discover something that brings you joy, appreciation, and connectiveness to our community and planet.

Our Sustainability Committment

Minimize Carbon Footprint, Waste and plastic: We minimize waste and plastic use as much as possible in our day-to-day operation. We prioritize working with local brands to reduce carbon footprint from packaging and shipping. We opt for reusable alternatives whenever possible.

Repurpose Before Recycle: The recycling process is intensive and costly, so we prioritize repurposing before recycling. We also leverage our Buy Nothing Communities and offer items for reuse in order to keep them out of landfill as much as possible. These items include cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and shipping materials.

Donation & Support: We donate a portion of our net profit to organizations that work to protect the environment, fight climate change, and support social justice initiatives.

Plastic-free Shipping: We wrap all products in recycled Kraft paper and ship in recycled cardboard boxes. The tapes we use are water-activated instead of plastic which also makes it easier to recycle (and better for the recycling center).

We are constantly learning and striving to be better every day. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our sustainable practices, please send us a note at hello@greentiger.co