It all started in 1991

The rupee was pegged to a basket of currencies, the government was close to defaulting, and there was only enough foreign reserves to buy 3 weeks worth of imports. India liberalized its economic system.

and then The Reserve Bank of India (RBI),

under the Liberal Remittance Scheme (LRS), loosened up their Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) regulations. It is now legal to invest up to $250,000 every year internationally, barring a few restrictions.

This is when we decided to let people take advantage of this.

In 2009, the dollar was roughly equal to about ₹47. If you invested ₹4126 into dollars, you would have $87.80. This was the cost of an Amazon share. Today, the USD is equivalent to ₹68.99. And today, that Amazon share is worth $1,985.63. This would convert to ₹1.36 lakhs, at a return of 148% year over year. Every company is not Amazon, but there are enough high growth companies to grow our investments.

And that's the story behind GreenTiger.

We're here to help people generate wealth. We're obsessed with our belief that everyone deserves financial freedom. And we're starting our journey towards providing that with easy access to US capital markets.

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